What is Blood Flow Restriction?

Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFRT) is used as part of a well-rounded rehab plan, to get you back strong, confident and ready to achieve your goals. BFRT is a form of training used in both rehab and performance settings to boost muscular hypertrophy and strength, all in a short amount of time (2-4 weeks) using light loading (less than 30% of maximum), reducing recovery times.

Clinical Applications of BFRT

Post-Surgery Recovery: Helps patients regain muscle strength and mass after surgical procedures.

Elderly Population: Assists in maintaining or increasing muscle mass and strength, crucial for mobility and independence.

Injured Athletes: Speeds up the return to play by promoting muscle growth and strength without overloading injured areas





Advantages of BFRT in Rehabilitation

Light Loads: Light loads are preferred over heavy loads during rehabilitation to avoid re-injury, irritation, or damage to recovering areas such as a repaired ligament, arthritic knee, or strained muscle.

Strength Improvement: Light loads alone are often insufficient to improve strength. Combining them with BFR leads to improved strength without the risk of further injury.

blood flow restriction training

How does Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFRT) work?

Blood flow restriction training (BFRT) uses a pneumatic cuff to safely and effectively restrict blood flow out of the working limb while still allowing blood flow in. This causes blood and metabolites to pool in the limb, creating an environment conducive to muscle growth.

Practical Example

A young athlete with knee pain can use BFRT to gain muscle bulk and strength without overloading his joints, allowing him to continue training and improving while protecting his knee.

BFRT is a versatile and effective method for muscle growth and strength improvement, particularly beneficial in clinical and rehabilitation settings. It offers a safe alternative to heavy-load training, making it suitable for a wide range of individuals, from recovering patients to elite athletes.

blood flow restriction training
blood flow restriction training
blood flow restriction training

Benefits of BFRT

In summary, blood flow restriction training is a powerful tool for enhancing muscle growth and strength, particularly beneficial for those seeking to train at lower intensities or during rehabilitation. Proper technique and safety precautions are crucial to maximize benefits and minimize risks.

Muscle Growth

Promotes hypertrophy with lower weights, reducing the risk of injury associated with heavy lifting

Endurance Improvement

 Enhances muscular endurance

Strength Gains

Increases muscle strength effectively


Useful for individuals recovering from injury or surgery, allowing them to maintain muscle mass and strength with lower loads

blood flow restriction training


My condition has gotten better after seeking treatment with Ready Fit, my flare ups for AS has reduced from once every 2 months to once a year. Special thanks to Lilian and Daryl!


I had diastasis recti and the gap had reduced greatly and my core feels stronger at the end of my treatment. Lilian customised the exercises according to my condition and progressively loaded up to help me build strength. She is very patient and encouraging. Every visit was pleasant. Thank you Lilian! 


A big shout out to Lilian, Daryl and Ivan over at Ready Fit for helping me through my recovery. Spent 5.5month (26 sessions) in physiotherapy after my ATFL reconstruction surgery but came out stronger! Special mention to Lilian who was my main therapist, she gave her best in guiding me though my recovery. If not for her constant encouragement, support and expertise, I would not have made it through. Highly recommended!


One of the better physiotherapy clinics that i ever went. Lilian helped me with functional exercises to strengthen my glutes and hip areas. What stand out is the heat therapy and dry needling sessions, which many other physiotherapy centers do not have.





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