Exercise Prescription

Exercise prescription is based on 5 principles: type, duration, frequency, intensity, and volume.

At Ready Fit Physiotherapy, we are driven to deliver the highest service quality to our patients.

Rest assured that we strive in providing the utmost level of care. We understand that your need is unique which guides us in tailoring an individualized rehab program.

What to expect?

Services We Provide

Exercise Prescription

  • Individualised Plan
  • Strengthening
  • Prevention
  • Conditioning

Blaze Pods

  • Refreshing workout
  • Challenges Body & Brain
  • Reaction Time
  • Reflex Training
  • Fitness, Speed & Agility

Running Gait Analysis

  • Body Movements
  • Heel Placement
  • Angle of Pelvis
  • Length of Stride

Anti-Gravity Treadmill

  • Ease impact when running
  • Restore normal walking/running
  • Recovery from fractures

Hear what they say about us

I was experiencing bad back ache as a result of bad posture at work and a friend recommended this clinic. My sessions with Daryl were fantastic and alleviated my neck/back aches. The heat therapy provided instant relief and I was happy that I learnt several techniques to manage my backache with targeted exercises and lifestyle change. Initially I was worried that the aches and pains would affect my performance at work but nowadays I am able to work much better. It was my first time visiting a physiotherapist and I did not know what to expect, but Daryl is friendly and able to put one at ease. The clinic is very well equipped with high tech equipment too😊 10/10 would recommend!

thumb Cherise Lau
August 8, 2021

Daryl from Ready Fit Physiotherapy is really good. He did the Winback treatment for me, which really helped to relieve the pressure. The process he has been very gentle, and the treatment was also painless, helping me to recover. Love this place

thumb Yan Wei Xiao Er
March 14, 2021

I have Diastasis Recti for many years since my firstborn and it got worse when I had my second child. Tried various exercises in Youtube but nothing worked. Decided to sign up for the package with Ready Fit and Daryl is my physio therapist. I have never regretted my decision and in fact, I feel it was God’s plan that I got to know about Ready Fit and Daryl! Daryl is a patient, friendly and professional physio therapist who understands my condition very well. He customises the exercises to suit my condition, explains to me step-by-step on how each muscle group works and how we can strengthen them. He will also encourage me along the way during my exercises. It’s my 6th session with Daryl now and I have seen vast improvement to my core muscles! I finally get to see the muscles that I have not seen for almost 6 years! Thank you Daryl for all that you have done! Also thank you Chermaine and other Ready Fit staff for the awesome service! Keep doing what you are doing because all of you are impacting lives! ❤️

thumb Vi W
February 1, 2022

Customized Individual Rehabilitation Program

Every individual need is different and we understand that. Be it you’re an athlete or a new mum, we have the equipment and treatments to help you recover.

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