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Lilian Wong

Physiotherapist Assistant

Lilian graduated from Asia Metropolitan University Malaysia in 2016 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. Lilian has gained experience in treating general spine or peripheral joint conditions and sports injuries with manual therapy such as deep tissue massage and assisting them with personalized rehabilitative exercise programs.

Lilian also specialized in neurological cases especially stroke patients with the use of advanced robotic gait training to help improve their physical functions.

In addition to that, she is a Certified Post & Pre-natal Pilates Specialist and Certified Practitioner in Dry Needling Level 1 for GEMt.


  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons), MY
  • Certified TECAR Specialist 2016
  • Certified Pre & Post Natal Pilates Specialist
  • Certified GEMt Dry Needling Practitioner Level 1
  • Certified Pilates Instructor for Pre & Post-natal

Passions & Hobbies

Lilian is passionate about community rehabilitation working with neurological populations to help them maximize and maintain their independence in the community or at work.

Lilian is an outdoor person who enjoys trekking and cycling. Before the pandemic, she enjoys travelling all over the world. In her free time, she loves spending time with her loved ones.

“The best type of exercise is the one that you will do.”

Social Media

  • Instagram: @lilianwong10


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Daryl’s physio asistant (lilian Wong) was good, caring and know her job well. I had my shoulder pains for weeks, after attending her sessions i felt much relief on my shoulder . Thks her for d patience on me. Appreciate!

I completed 10 sessions of my postpartum package and am very pleased with the results – My DR and waist line have both reduced.  Lilian is very supportive, encouraging and more importantly she is very empathetic.

Had back pain after pregnancy and was walking slanted. Had trouble walking and bending. Couldn’t carry heavy things too. Did the 10 sessions after pregnancy program with Lillian. Every session was such a well curated one and there was an improvement with every session! Lillian was very patient and very experienced. They customised the program for me to gradually improve my mobility.

I took up the post pregnancy package to treat my DR and I’m glad I did it! I went with the expectation of improving my DR so I could start exercising without fearing that it would worsen. I definitely saw results and each visit was a pleasant experience.
My therapist, Lilian, would patiently explain the procedures and exercises to me during each session, she’s also very easy to talk to. She was focused and would correct my poses from time to time.

I had diastasis recti and the gap had reduced greatly and my core feels stronger at the end of my treatment. They customised the exercises according to my condition and progressively loaded up to help me build strength. Lilian is very patient and encouraging. Every visit was pleasant. Thank you Lilian!

Thank you so much to Lilian and team for helping me intense rehab postpartum diastasis recti, back pain & referred pain. They have high tech machines & advanced gym equipment & physio can do dry needling & teach me effective home exercises. My pain is gone after 6 months of hopping 3 physios, this is the place to go! A new lease of life has returned and i can take care of my baby again. Try their postpartum trial and you will be convinced!

“The best type of exercise is the one that you will do.”

Lilian Wong, Physiotherapist Assistant



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