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Neck pain: Symptoms, Causes and Physiotherapy Treatment 

Causes of neck pain may include: 

  • Arthritis
  • Trauma 
  • Inflammation
  • Falls
  • Slipped disc in the neck
  • Prolonged poor posture 

Neck pain ranges from mild discomfort, while some can have severe, long lasting to  disabling, chronic pain that affect daily life. 

Whether you should see a doctor depends on if your pain prevents you from doing  day-to-day activities like going to work or waking up from bed or sleeping or should  the pain worsen.

The different symptoms of neck pain?  

Neck pain

Neck pain varies in terms of severity and duration. Neck pain usually lasts for several  days up to a few weeks. Neck pain may be mild and not interfere with a person’s daily  life. In more serious cases, it can cause severe pain and even affect a person’s quality  of life. 

Neck pain symptoms include: 

Stiff neck 

People suffering from stiff neck describe the feeling as though their neck is stuck and  unable to move properly. Neck pain can cause a decreased range of motion. 

Sharp pain 

Sharp, burning or stabbing pain in the neck when you are doing certain neck  movements or even when you are at rest. 

Radiating pain and numbness 

More serious neck pain may radiate into the head, upper back, shoulder, arms and  fingers. This is an indication of a compressed nerve in the neck. Individuals might feel  numbness, tingling sensations or weakness at the above-mentioned body parts. 

When should I seek help? 

Some neck pain do not need treatment and can be managed with medication, rest or  home exercises/stretching. It is recommended to seek a doctor if the pain worsens or is  affecting your daily life. 

If you experience severe pain or numbness that causes weakness in your arms, it can  be a sign of serious injury and should consult a doctor for further investigation. 

Depending on the medical examination conducted by the doctor. The doctor may refer  you to a physical therapist should he or she deem your neck pain as not requiring any  form of surgery. 

Physiotherapy management for neck pain

If your pain is causing you difficulty in your daily activities and symptoms  persist for more than a few days, consider physiotherapy treatment to boost  your recovery. 

These includes: 

– Home exercises/Stretching 

– Massage 

– Electrical therapy 

– Manual therapy 

In many cases, physiotherapy can be the best option to speed up healing and  rehabilitation while alleviating pain and stiffness. Delaying treatment might  result in your neck pain becoming worse or even developing into a chronic  condition. 

Types of Physiotherapy treatments for Neck Pain  


This is a French non-invasive technology that utilises WINBACK energy, a high frequency current that can stimulate our body’s natural repair mechanisms, promoting  cellular exchange. It is used to treat deep tissues and heal injuries without causing  pain. 

Individualised Exercise Prescription (Strengthening/Prevention) Your physiotherapist will prescribe suitable strengthening exercises targeting the  causes of your neck pain which are customised for your individual condition and pain  level. These exercises can be performed in between your Physiotherapy appointments  to maintain strength and relieve pain. 

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy involves the kneading and manipulation of muscles to promote  flexibility and mobility of connective tissues. There are a variety of styles of manual  therapy, which include massages, myofascial release, and stretching. 

Dry Needling 

The term “dry needling” refers to the use of stainless-steel needles that do not inject  fluids into the body. The needles are placed in trigger points on your body for a short  period of time to release any knotted muscles and relieve spasms and pain. 

At Ready Fit Physiotherapy, we do our best to maximise results for our patients.  While traditional physiotherapy treatments are undoubtedly effective, we utilise the  latest non-invasive technologies and state-of-the-art equipment to further accelerate  the recovery process. 

Why choose Ready Fit Physio? 

At Ready Fit Physio, our goal is to ensure your speedy recovery. 

Ready Fit comprises a group of highly experienced physiotherapists that will be with  you at every step of the way. You are guaranteed to experience the utmost of care and  quality. 

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