Postpartum Back Pain

What is Postpartum Back Pain?

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If you have nagging stiffness and soreness in your back post-delivery, you’re likely suffering from postpartum back pain. And you’re not alone, either.

Postpartum back pain is pain in your back that lingers even after you’ve given birth to your baby.

What causes Postpartum Back Pain?

Postpartum Back Pain

There are a number of causes of postpartum back pain, including:

  • Pregnancy hormones that loosened your ligaments and joints.
  • Strained abdominal muscles that were used to support your bump and during delivery (if you labored at any point during your baby’s birth), which may have thrown your back and even your posture out of whack.
  • Bending and baby lifting, plus rocking your little one, which you are probably doing you’re doing around the clock now.
  • Holding your growing baby the wrong way can also lead to postpartum back pain too later on.

Symptoms of Postpartum Back Pain

Postpartum Back Pain
  • A general feeling of tiredness.
  • Activity intolerance.
  • Pain in the lower back and hip.
  • Back pain while walking or performing an exercise.

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