Postpartum Care


Postpartum Care


Postpartum Care


Postpartum Care

Winback Tecar Therapy

Postpartum Care

Prescribed Exercises

Top 3 Issues Mothers Suffer From

Mothers do not have it easy, especially postpartum. They are fighting against issues that can affect their daily life, body figure, and emotions.

All these issues are the bane of postpartum and can likely cause postpartum depression if left untreated.

Diastasis Recti

A partial or complete separation happening in the midline of your stomach, also known as the ‘Mummy Tummy’. Diastasis stands for ‘separation’ while Recti talks about your ab muscles.

Diatasis Recti is the number 1 issue affecting mothers and shattering their confidence to display their once-proud figure.

Lower Back Pain

Stiffness, soreness, or pain in your back resulting from giving birth. This issue can last for 6 months or more, affecting mothers’ movements such as walking, lifting, and carrying their babies.

The severity of postpartum back pain is dependent on the underlying cause.

Bladder Incontinences

The most annoying and embarrassing problem that new mothers absolutely hate. Bladder incontinences refer to the loss of control in bladder movement, resulting in sudden urine leakage.

It might even happen as you cough or sneeze.

What to expect on your first visit?

Postpartum Depression is a serious condition and the above issues are some of the underlying causes.

At Ready Fit, we ensure that our clients are well taken care of in the most suitable way. We harness a perfect harmony of body analysis, recovery therapy, and technology to swiftly improve your body condition.

Postpartum Care Programme by Ready Fit Physiotherapy 

Postpartum Care

Consultation & Assessment

1 on 1 private consult and assessment with our professional physiotherapist


To determine whether you are underweight, overweight or normal weight,

Skin Fold

Estimate the thicknees of the skin around the waist

Waist Circumference

To measure the waist size

Diastasis Recti Finger Gap

Using the fingers to feel the gap of separation in the abdomen

Ultrasound for Diastasis Recti

Measurement for your DR gap

Pilates & Prescribed Exercises

Our professional physiotherapist will prescribe an individualised plan to best suits your needs

Breathing Techniques

Helps with pelvic floor and core muscles

Active Rehab

Strengthening of core muscles and getting you back to your pre-pregnancy weight

Postpartum Care
Postpartum Care

High Intensity Electromagnetic Therapy (HIEMT)

High Intensity Electromagnetic Therapy, also known as HI-EMT, is a treatment that uses electromagnetic fields effectively to stimulate muscle contractions for muscle growth. A 30 minutes session of HIEMT = 20’000 crunches in one session

Winback Tecar Therapy

A french modern non-invasive technology – a high frequency current that can stimulate the body’s natural repair mechanism, promoting cellular exchange

Postpartum Care

Postpartum Care First Visit @ $250 – 90mins

Treatment includes:


With Dj Lee Lian & Physiotherapist Lilian Wong

Topic: Postpartum Care in Singapore, What to expect?

Postpartum Care
Postpartum Care
Postpartum Care
Postpartum Care

Review from our mommies!

My Physiotherapy (lilian Wong) was good, caring and know her job well. I had my shoulder pains for weeks, after attending her sessions i felt much relief on my shoulder . Thks her for d patience on me. Appreciate!

I had diastasis recti and the gap had reduced greatly and my core feels stronger at the end of my treatment. Lilian customised the exercises according to my condition and progressively loaded up to help me build strength. She is very patient and encouraging. Every visit was pleasant. Thank you Lilian!

I took up the post pregnancy package to treat my DR and I’m glad I did it! I went with the expectation of improving my DR so I could start exercising without fearing that it would worsen. I definitely saw results and each visit was a pleasant experience.
My therapist, Lilian, would patiently explain the procedures and exercises to me during each session, she’s also very easy to talk to. She was focused and would correct my poses from time to time.

I completed 10 sessions of my postpartum package and am very pleased with the results – My DR and waist line have both reduced. My main therapist Lilian is very supportive, encouraging and more importantly she is very empathetic.

Thank you so much to Lilian and team for helping me intense rehab postpartum diastasis recti, back pain & referred pain. They have high tech machines & advanced gym equipment & physio can do dry needling & teach me effective home exercises. My pain is gone after 6 months of hopping 3 physios, this is the place to go! A new lease of life has returned and i can take care of my baby again. Try their postpartum trial and you will be convinced!

Had back pain after pregnancy and was walking slanted. Had trouble walking and bending. Couldn’t carry heavy things too. Did the 10 sessions after pregnancy program with Lillian. Every session was such a well curated one and there was an improvement with every session! Lillian was very patient and very experienced. She customised the program for me to gradually improve my mobility.

Mothers do not have it easy, especially postpartum. They are fighting against issues that can affect their daily life, body figure, and emotions.

All these issues are the bane of postpartum and can likely cause postpartum depression if left untreated.


Our postpartum care programme is only available in our marina square clinic in singapore.

*Individual results may vary.

*Recommended duration:

Normal Birth – 1 Month after confinement

C-section – *6 Months (with clearance letter from your Gynae/DR)

Complicatons & others – Do consult your gynae for advise before booking the session

*Clearance letter/memo is needed from your Gynae/DR before attending our session as to ensure you are fit for the technology and exercises that will be prescribed to you.

*Ready Fit Physio reserves the right to amend/ reject your booking if we deemed that you are not ready for the treatment

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