The latest innovation that accelerates pain relief

What is R-SHOCK?

R-SHOCK, the latest innovation from Winback®, combines the strengths of multiple technologies. The synergy of the high-frequency tecar therapy current and the electrical stimulation, combined and emitted through the same electrode, makes it possible to obtain a fast and effective pain-relieving effect.

It works in multiple ways: localized, superficial, in-depth or purely analgesic. Better still, you can combine all these effects in a single treatment.


The focused TECAR / PULSE combination reduces pain and frees up movement in joint mobilization exercises.

Thanks to its all-in-one electrode, R-SHOCK enables two types of current to be applied simultaneously. The TECAR energy is divided into several heating points for a deep, focused and targeted action.

The PULSE mode provides pain relief by saturating the nociceptors. This allows additional treatment to take place at the same time: it’s is less painful for the patient and more comfortable for the therapist.

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No needles, no surgery. Relieve your pain and condition using our latest evidence-based treatments.


Pain-Free Treatment

No pain, yes gains.

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No Downtime

Equipped with the latest technology and equipment, we are able to provide accelerated results.

Key Strengths Of R-SHOCK

Power and efficient, the R-SHOCK is a light and compact device that makes maneuvers easier and more versatile. Treatments can be given more frequently to optimize each patient’s recovery rate.



Who Is This For?

The R-SHOCK therapy is made for people who are suffering from:

Muscle & Tendon Pains

Trigger Points


Superficial Scars

Inflammation of the fascia

Benefits Of R-SHOCK

Reduce the pain of acute and chronic conditions
Treat fibrose and reduce muscle tension
Improve the recovery of tissue function following injury or surgery
Accelerates the healing process
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