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What is Running Gait Analysis?

Running gait analysis is a specialized examination that involves a combination of consultation, activforce strength checking, and running on a treadmill.

During the consultation, a skilled physiotherapist will gather information about your running history, goals, and any current concerns or injuries.

The activforce strength checking evaluates the strength and flexibility of specific muscle groups related to running.

Finally, the treadmill running session allows the physiotherapist to observe and analyze your running form in real-time.


Our Running Gait Analysis Programme is only available in our Marina Square Clinic, Singapore.




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running gait analysis

Why Choose Our Running Gait Analysis Programme?

  • Optimize Your Running Technique: By undergoing a running gait analysis, you gain invaluable insights into your running technique. The physiotherapist assesses factors such as stride length, foot strike pattern, body alignment, and cadence. Identifying areas for improvement enables you to make necessary adjustments, such as correcting your posture or altering your stride. These changes can help you run more efficiently, reduce the risk of injuries, and enhance your overall performance.
  • Prevent Running Injuries: One of the key advantages of the Ready Fit Physiotherapy running gait analysis program is its focus on injury prevention. The analysis helps pinpoint biomechanical issues or imbalances that may contribute to injuries. Whether you’re struggling with knee pain, shin splints, or other running-related injuries, the gait analysis can provide valuable insights into the underlying causes. Armed with this knowledge, the physiotherapist can recommend personalized exercises, stretches, and modifications to your running technique to minimize the risk of future injuries.

  • Improve Running Efficiency: Running with poor technique can lead to wasted energy and increased fatigue. Through gait analysis, you can identify areas where you may be expending unnecessary energy or putting undue stress on specific muscles or joints. By making appropriate adjustments based on the analysis, you can enhance your running efficiency. This means you’ll be able to maintain a faster pace, run longer distances, and experience less fatigue during your runs.

Ready Fit Physiotherapy’s Running Gait Analysis Program

Our running gait analysis program is designed specifically for runners who want to elevate their performance and prevent injuries. With the expertise of our skilled physiotherapists and state-of-the-art equipment, we provide a comprehensive assessment that caters to your individual needs. Our holistic approach encompasses detailed consultations, activforce strength checking, and real-time treadmill analysis. Following the analysis, you’ll receive a personalized plan that includes targeted exercises, stretching routines, and expert advice to improve your running technique and prevent injuries.

running gait analysis

Understanding your Runing Gait: Testing

We study your run pattern, e.g. stride length, foot contact placement, and analyse biofeedback e.g. muscular imbalances, impact loading, and stability, while you run. We aim to minimise your pain and improve your running performance to help you meet your goals.

  • Strength Testing

  • Flexibility Test

  • Video Analysis

  • Biometric Analysis: Impact Loading, Symmetry, Dynamic Stability

Treating Your Pain

We are equipped with multiple pain management tools to aid you in your pain management journey

  • Winback Tecar Therapy

  • R-Shock

  • Dry Needling

  • Manual Therapy

  • Anti Gravity Treadmill

running gait analysis

Identifying Weaknesses

Data retrieved from testing is used to develop your running profile. Weaknesses are identified to aid in developing a prescribed plan for you.

  • Muscular Weakness or Imbalance

  • Low or Imbalance Flexibility

  • Weak Biometric Scores

  • Errors in form e.g. Overstriding, Vertical Oscillation

Prescribed Exercises

Once weaknesses are identified, we will construct a tailored exercise and treatment plan with you to minimise weaknesses, eliminate pain, and work towards your goals.

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Core & Balance Training

  • Plyometric Training

  • And many more!

running gait analysis
running gait analysis
running gait analysis

Our Programme

Optimize Your Running Techniques, Prevent Running Injuries & Improve Running Efficiency


A thorough discussion of your running history, goals, and any concerns you may have.

Personalized Report

Receive a detailed report highlighting key findings and specific areas for improvement, complete with video analysis.

Gait Analysis Session

Using state-of-the-art motion capture technology, we record and analyze your running technique in detail.

Customized Plan

Get a tailored action plan, including strength and conditioning exercises, technique drills, and running tips.


Hai Ready Fit Physiotherapy. My recent physiotherapy visit was for low back pain n my right leg related problem. In just 2 sessions , my back was so much better in such a shorter time. I would like to thanks Physiotherapy Daryl n his assistant for their excellent service n expert opinion. The confidence of my GP referral to Ready Fit Physiotherapy has been fully justified. 👌 Kind Regards Hisham Omar.


I have Diastasis Recti for many years since my firstborn and it got worse when I had my second child. Tried various exercises in Youtube but nothing worked. Decided to sign up for the package with Ready Fit and Daryl is my physio therapist. I have never regretted my decision and in fact, I feel it was God’s plan that I got to know about Ready Fit and Daryl! Daryl is a patient, friendly and professional physio therapist who understands my condition very well. He customises the exercises to suit my condition, explains to me step-by-step on how each muscle group works and how we can strengthen them. He will also encourage me along the way during my exercises. It’s my 6th session with Daryl now and I have seen vast improvement to my core muscles! I finally get to see the muscles that I have not seen for almost 6 years! Thank you Daryl for all that you have done! Also thank you Chermaine and other Ready Fit staff for the awesome service! Keep doing what you are doing because all of you are impacting lives! ❤️


Daryl sorted out my lower back (suspected slipped disc) within a handful of sessions. Great empathy and very re-assuring — so you really feel like you are with a steady pair of hands. He employed a mix of equipment to rehabilitate and long term focused strategy (including very targeted strengthening and stretching exercises) to address my lower back. Good team with him as well. Hannah helped on my situation too. Thanks guys!


Daryl from Ready Fit Physiotherapy is really good. He did the Winback treatment for me, which really helped to relieve the pressure. The process he has been very gentle, and the treatment was also painless, helping me to recover. Love this place





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