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Pain Relief with Winback Tecar Therapy

What is Winback Tecar Therapy?

Winback Tecartherapy is a french non-invasive technology that utilizes WINBACK energy— a high-frequency current to promote healing and pain relief.

The therapy works by delivering high-frequency waves to targeted areas of the body, which helps to stimulate the natural healing process, improve blood circulation, and reduce inflammation. This non-invasive treatment is commonly used for pain management, muscle relaxation, and rehabilitation, making it beneficial for patients suffering from chronic pain, sports injuries, and various musculoskeletal conditions.

In combination with a physiotherapist’s manual approach and the WINBACK energy, we are able to produce better rehabilitation results due to its fast recovery of muscle and joint functions.

In a nutshell, you can benefit from faster healing thanks to it being a physiological bio-accelerator.


Chronic Pain Management

Post Surgery Rehab

Sports Rehab

Post Pregnancy Care







winback tecar therapy

Winback’s clients include the medical teams of over 500 teams and federations.

Experience Relief and Renewed Vitality with WinBack Tecar Therapy: Your Path to Effective Pain Management

In 10 years, Winback has adapted to the needs of therapists by developing advanced technologies, techniques, and approaches. Today, Winback is a global leader in rehabilitation, high-level sports, women’s well-being, and animal health. Together, let’s Winback!

winback tecar therapy
winback tecar therapy


Relieve your pain and condition using our latest evidence-based treatments

Pain-Free Treatment

No pain, YES GAINS!

No Downtime

Equipped with the latest technology and equipment, we are able to provide accelerated results

winback tecar therapy
winback tecar therapy
winback tecar therapy

Featured Profiles

Programs aimed at maintaining overall health, fitness, and well-being for all age groups.

Chronic Pain Management

WINBACK Energy is able to respond to various chronic conditions like fibromyalgia. With its responsive technology, we are able to adapt each procedure to improve the healing of our chronic patients.

Post Surgery Rehab

Winback Tecar therapy increases your rehabilitation process by multiplying the therapeutic effects from our physical treatments.


We have even seen results where the healing process was twice as fast with the aid of Winback Tecartherapy.

Sports Rehabilitation

With exercising and working out as the core aspect of your daily life, you are likely to suffer from injuries as compared to the average joe. Winback Tecar therapy helps with:

  • Post-traumatic injuries and overtraining
  • Preparation & recovery
  • Soft tissues management

Post Pregnancy Care

Winback Tecar therapy help mummies improves their sillhouette and reduce the stretch marks.  It helps our mummies to gain their confidence back again.


Hai Ready Fit Physiotherapy. My recent physiotherapy visit was for low back pain n my right leg related problem. In just 2 sessions , my back was so much better in such a shorter time. I would like to thanks Physiotherapy Daryl n his assistant for their excellent service n expert opinion. The confidence of my GP referral to Ready Fit Physiotherapy has been fully justified. 👌 Kind Regards Hisham Omar.


I have Diastasis Recti for many years since my firstborn and it got worse when I had my second child. Tried various exercises in Youtube but nothing worked. Decided to sign up for the package with Ready Fit and Daryl is my physio therapist. I have never regretted my decision and in fact, I feel it was God’s plan that I got to know about Ready Fit and Daryl! Daryl is a patient, friendly and professional physio therapist who understands my condition very well. He customises the exercises to suit my condition, explains to me step-by-step on how each muscle group works and how we can strengthen them. He will also encourage me along the way during my exercises. It’s my 6th session with Daryl now and I have seen vast improvement to my core muscles! I finally get to see the muscles that I have not seen for almost 6 years! Thank you Daryl for all that you have done! Also thank you Chermaine and other Ready Fit staff for the awesome service! Keep doing what you are doing because all of you are impacting lives! ❤️


Daryl sorted out my lower back (suspected slipped disc) within a handful of sessions. Great empathy and very re-assuring — so you really feel like you are with a steady pair of hands. He employed a mix of equipment to rehabilitate and long term focused strategy (including very targeted strengthening and stretching exercises) to address my lower back. Good team with him as well. Hannah helped on my situation too. Thanks guys!


Daryl from Ready Fit Physiotherapy is really good. He did the Winback treatment for me, which really helped to relieve the pressure. The process he has been very gentle, and the treatment was also painless, helping me to recover. Love this place





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